Aldham Olde Tyme Rallye 2004

A really friendly rally hosted by the North East Essex Tractor & Engine Club and a good one for the Stationary Engine enthusiast. The last couple of years, the weather has been poor, especially at packing up time but this year we had some rain on Saturday but Sunday was fine and dry. This Rally is also an excellent one for Military enthusiasts, but this year there was not quite so much as some people had not returned from the D Day celebrations however there were a few vehicles proudly displaying there D Day plaques. All in all, an enjoyable weekend. Once again (with a few exceptions) I have tried to photograph engines that were not at the previous two Rallies I have been to this year.

1934 Petter M 1.5hp Lister D driving Godwin Pump Petter M 1.5hp Amanco 3 Mule Team
My 1934 Petter M now seems to be running and starting OK after some TLC This is a 1946 Lister D driving a Godwin pump owned by John Southall from Willisham A 1932 1.5hp "Appletop Petter M driving A Lister H3 pump displayed bu Colin Cracknell from Gt Henny A 1915 3hp Amanco "3 Mule Team" Displayed by L Chapman from Braintree
Amanco 6hp Lister Rotary Pump 1.5hp Mallaieu and Grinder Leader 1hp
A lovely (if big) engine was this 1925 6hp Amanco displayed by Richard and Phil Westwood from Ipswich Driving a Lister Rotary pump This is an unusual 1930 Mallaieu 1.5hp engine driving an Enterprise Grinder owned by M Chiles from Colchester And another rare engine is this 1906 1hp leader displayed by J Chiles from Colchester
Warwick Eagle 4hp Climax pump Fuller & Johnson Model N Jap Pump
A 1920 4hp Warwick Eagle displayed by R Simpson from Hockley Driving a Climax No 1 Pump Another superb restoration of a 1923 Fuller & Johnson Model N driving A Fairbanks morse Pump This is a nice little 1950 J.A.P. pump set displayed by Tony Pardue from Ipswich helped by his enthusiastic Grandson.
3hp Lister Junior Lister A 3hp & Dynamo 3.5hp Lister CS Norman T300
A very nice 3hp 1930 Lister Junior engine displayed by T Edwards from Sible Hedingham Another 3hp Lister A engine, this time a trailer mounted one driving a Dynamo displayed by N Catlin from Tiptree A 1936 3.6hp Lister CS Diesel rad cooled driving a generator displayed by G Reed from rayleigh A nice little 1941 Norman T300 driving a dynamo and a high voltage transformer owned by Dave King from Ipswich.
Petter M 5hp Petter M 3hp 1.5hp Petter M Ruston Hornsby 2XHR
A very nice 1933 5hp Petter M displayed by W Parmenter from Stanway Another nice Petter M, this is a 1926 3hp owned by Dave Eaton from Bishops Strtford And yet another superb restoration of a Petter M "Appletop" and a Lister H1 pump by Ray Dudley from Vange. This is a 12938 13/14hp Ruston Hornsby 2XHR displayed by Paul Ewers from Braintree
Witte 2.5hp DS Jaguar D type
A Canadian Witte, this is a 1938 2.5hp DS displayed by J Holdway from Alpheton This caught my eye, think it is a D type Jag, looked superb

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