Kent Steam and Classic Vehicle Rally 2004

Once again this was an excellent Rally and the weather was good. This year the rally was host to the "Southern Jaguar Weekend" and especially on Sunday, it was Jags "wall to wall." The James Bond XK (you remember, it was green with a machine gun mounted on the back and the baddy drove it) was there along with a formula 1 car and numerous other restoration projects.

There was probably the biggest turnout of Classic cars and Bikes I have seen and I especially liked the old Trams, Buses and Coaches with a last chance to see an original Maidstone Electric Trolleybus before it went up to a Museum in Yorkshire.

I have, as usual taken shots of the engines I found interesting but I have also taken a number of other items I think will give a good flavour of the show.

Allen 19hp Amanco 2hp Air Cooled Amanco Chore boy A demonstration of Wood Turning
This is a 1919 Allen Brothers oil engine with hot bulb ignition. This model ED Produces 19hp, and was used in a quarry in Devon. Owned by Pedro Mastrocola from Kent. A 1927 Air cooled Amanco 2hp "Chore boy" owned by Paul Arlidge from Maldon. Another Amanco, this time a 1924 1.75hp "Chore Boy" driving a Godwin pump. This was owned by Lawrie Arthur from Kent A very interesting exhibit was supplied by Mr Merritt of West Farleigh Kent. He is a Master Woodturner and Carpenter and spent most of the weekend displaying his skills. The Lathe is driven by a 1 1/2 hp Wolsey WD11.


3.5hp MoteurConord Fairbanks Morse 1.5hp Petter M 5hp Petter M
This unusual French 1925 3.5hp Moteur Conord was displayed by C Hartshorn from Sittingbourne A Fairbanks Morse driving a mechanical hacksaw, unfortunately this was not as program but I assume from the number that it was owned by V Kemsley from Rochester A truly magnificent restoration is this 1.5hp Petter M owned by Ray Dudley from Basildon. Another Petter M, this one is a 1920 5hp model displayed by B Lindridge from Ashford.
1933 1.5hp Hartop 1926 1.5hp Hercules 1944 1.5hp Villiers 1.5hp Lister D 
    Sheep Shearing set
An unusual 1933 1.5hp Hartop displayed driving a generator by J Goodhew from Bredgar. A very nice 1926 1.5hp Hercules displayed by D Vickerstaff from Caterham. A 1944 1.5hp Villiers driving a generator displayed by R Molyneux from Caterham.

This is a very nice 1953 1.5hp Lister D Sheep Shearing set owned by John Searles from Maldon.
2hp Ruston Hornsby 1939 6hp Ruston Hornsby 1928 3hp Ruston Hornsby 1938 14hp Ruston Diesel
This is a 1930 Ruston Hornsby 2hp ZPR owned by B Webb from Sidcup. A superb 1939 6hp Ruston Hornsby AP displayed by F Rush from Faversham Another Ruston Hornsby, this is a 1928 3hp model displayed by B Smith from Faversham Yet another Ruston, this is a 1938 14hp model 2XHR Diesel displayed by P Mastrocola from Rainham.
1927 3hp Wolseley 1923 2-3hp Stuart Turner 1924 Stewart 1.5hp 1923 Stewart Gas Engine
This was an unusual 1927 3hp Wolseley driving an equally unusual water pump displayed by J Huntly from Oxford. This is a 1923 2-3hp Stuart Turner displayed by G Scott from Bexhill on Sea. A rare 1924 Stewart 1.5hp displayed by B Scott of Battle. A 1923 Stewart Gas Engine, this was not in the program.
Uniporn Diesel 1930 98cc Villiers Marvil 3.5hp Lister Model JH
An unusual engine was this (not as Program) Uniporn Diesel displayed by M Broughton from Hadlow A lovely little 1930 98cc Villiers Marvil displayed by A Horner from Hawkhurst This is a rare 1931 3.5hp Lister Model JH displyed by S Brunger from Tenterden.
Motorcycle display area Classic Camper CLub Albany Last Maidstone Trolleybus
 A view across the Vintage Motorcycle area The Classic Camper club had a large showing A relatively modern reproduction of an Albany open top This is one of Maidstone's last ever Trolleybuses being displayed in Kent for the last time before going to a Transport Museum in Yorkshire
Pontiac Transam Trucks Jag XK F1 Jaguar
A Pontiac Transam, superb stuff This is a serious display of Trucks James Bond "Die Another day" Jag, compete with Machine gun and Rockets And a Formula 1 Jaguar

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