Farm Machinery Preservation Society Vintage Rally 2004

This is our local Club's Rally and is always a good event with a vast range of vintage machinery etc. to look at. Entries of Stationary Engines were a little down this year but we still had over 70 on the Sunday. A lot of effort went in to organising the rally (as it does every year) so it was a bit of a shame that the weather on Saturday was very windy keeping the punters away but Sunday, despite a similar forecast was a much better day and the numbers of public reflected this.

We had a large number of military entries this year including a complete and working field Kitchen, see some of the pics below.

I am running out of original engines to photograph (ones that I have not already shown this year) but nevertheless here are a few that were interesting

2.25hp Amanco Hired man Bamford EG1 Bernard P1 Crossley Gas Engine
This was a 2.25hp Amanco "Hired Man driving a Tangye water Pump owned by Adam Munson of Stanway Colchester. I was judge for "best restored engine" this year and despite some really nice restorations, this took the trophy. This was a very nice display of a 1931 Bamford EG1 driving a three bladed Chaff cutter. This was displayed by T Metcalf of Gt Massingham. Another very nice engine that I have featured before is this 1928 2hp Bernard P1 driving a Seguin and Cie spray pump. This was owned by Tom Fisher of Arlesford. This is an 1899 6hp Crossley gas engine which is ex Suffolk College heat engine laboratory. This was displayed by Alex Walford from Colchester.
Gardner No 1 Hartop Model M Hot Air Engine Lister CS Lighting Set
A lovely and very rare, 1907 Gardner No 1 owned by David Seeley from Woolpit A 1930 Hartop Model M driving the original Lee Howl pump owned by John Southall of Willisham. This is an 1898 A.E and H. Robinson type B4 hot air engine producing (from memory) a massive 0.25hp. Owned by J.Webber from old Welwyn. A superb restoration of a Lister CS 2.75 Kw Diesel Lighting set owned by Peter Earl from Mendlesham. This won "best restored Lister owned by a FMPS member".
Lister Sheep Shearing set Lister D 2.5hp CS Lighting set at night Petter A1 driving a Seed Dresser
A very nice (and unusual) 1949 Lister D sheep shearing set, note the original metal trolley and the attachment to sharpen the cutters. This is owned by John Searles from Maldon. Another unusual Lister D is this 2.5hp model @ 1150 RPM which was originally supplied to Broom & Wade Compressors, exhibited by  J Blake of Lexden. Peter Earl's CS at night Some of the Club's enthusiastic young members with a seed dresser driven by a Petter A1.
Armoured Personnel Carrier Field Kitchen Harley Davidsons Long Wheel Base Land Rover
I have bad memories of travelling in one of these armoured personnel carries many years ago, hot-noisy and claustrophobic if I remember, nice to see one again nevertheless This was Suzy's Field kitchen, she spent a long time demonstrating its features and she cooked breakfast each day for the military exhibitors as well as  keeping a tea urn on the go permanently, a great exhibit. A view down the line of "The Harley Boys" bikes. They turned up in force this year armed with tents and plenty of beer. This was Suzy's Land Rover. She got within a quarter of a mile of the Rally and it threw a propshaft joint, however a new (but wrong length) shaft was purchased from one of the stalls and the joint soon replaced by willing volunteers.

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