Farm Machinery Preservation Society Working Day 2004

Gt Henny Sudbury

Thanks go to Mark, Dick and Colin Cracknell For allowing F.M.P.S. to once again put on a great show of working farm machinery.

Unfortunately the weather, while starting off fine always threatened to rain (which it did from around 2pm onward) and I think that put a lot of people off so the public attendance was I am afraid poor.

Blackstone Case Caterpiller Tractor Crossley American Half Track
This is Norman Wasteney's very original Blackstone. A lot of effort goes in to transporting and running an engine like this. This is a Case with a very interesting history, used by the RNLI to pull Lifeboats out of the sea around Suffolk. A very nice Crossley running sweetly. An American Half track, I do not know any of its history.
Lister CS Generator Ruston & Hornsby AP Tractor line Unknown
Peter Earl's lovely CS "Startomatic" Generator. Tom Fisher's  1930 Ruston & Hornsby AP 2.5hp driving a Lister H2 Spray pump. The Tractor line I did know what this was when I took the picture, someone will remind me.
Witte Drag Saw Witte Drag Saw Wolseley WD
A Canadian Witte Drag saw And another view This is a  Wolseley "WD" driving an unusual Wolseley Pump.

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