Wings Wheels and Steam Rally 2004

"We have been relegated" was heard when we turned up for this Years Rally, and true enough, they had put us, along with the Horticultural display and Miniatures in the adjacent field to the main Rally. I was not too upset to start with, however it soon became clear that the public just were not finding us. I reckon less than 5% of the public found us in the end which made displaying and running the engines a joke. I am assured by many engine men that if the same situation will exist next year, most will not enter. And while I am having a rant, the safety was also a joke and the poor old safety Steward just did not have the equipment to make the engine line safe with most of us putting up extra poles and ropes to make up for the pathetic 18" rabbit fence that was supplied.

The weather unfortunately was a bit iffy on the Saturday but Sunday proved OK with the crowds flocking in and we were treated to a few aerobatic displays including an aerobatic Helicopter. Again, there was something for everyone from a large Military presence, Steam engines, Stationary Engines, Tractors and the usual Classic Cars and Bikes to the Wall Of Death which is the only working one left in the country.


Amanco 3 Mule Team Amanco 2.5hp 7hp Crossley Enfield 6hp Diesel
A very nice 1917 Amanco "3 Mule Team" Owned by Mike Lowe I think this is 2.5hp Amanco A 1921 7hp Crossley Owned by Mike Lowe's friend Sam A circa 1950 6hp air cooled Enfield Diesel
0.5hp Leek Gas Engine Unknown Gas Engine Bamford Mill Pilter
A nice little 1903 open crank Leek Gas Engine owned by Mr B Woods Mr Woods also had this unknown Gas Engine, possibly from a kit of parts A nice display of a Bamford Mill driven I think by a Douglas Air cooled engine A very nice vertical Pilter, but I forgot to look at the board for details.
Ruston Hornsby PT and Wolseley WD8 Tanks Stearman airobatic aircraft Pitts special aerobatic aircraft
I liked this display of a Ruston & Hornsby PT driving a genny with a Wolseley WD8 driving a pump owned by F Sparks Tanks At Rougham, part of the large Military Display A Stearman Aerobatic Aircraft And some Pitts Specials
A nice working display Wallis and Steevens Traction Engine Part of the medieval display of sword fighting Aerobatic Aircraft
Dale Walkers nice working display Natel Taylor's Wallis and Steevens Traction Engine A part of the Jousting and Medieval display, these guys knocked hell out of each other all weekend Think I will turn my aeroplane round.....
Miniature traction engine Morgan Steamers at Rougham Yak
A nice little miniature Traction Engine A superb Morgan just one of several dozen Classic Cars Steamers at Rougham And a Yak aircraft which gave us a good display of aerobatics

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