Strumpshaw Steam Engine Rally 2004

We were placed in "the play pen" again this year but the organisation left a little to be desired as a lot of the tractor exhibitors caravans had to come in to the field, but as there was no one organising it in the days leading up to the rally, instead of going where they were intended, some parked up opposite the engine pen which meant that a lot of Stationary engine exhibitors had to park a long way from the pen, hopefully it will be better next year. Having said that, once again it was a superb Rally, bigger again than last year with something for everyone including lots of "hot fog". The Engine turn out was good with around 95 engines, and a good selection of large ones, which were sited in the same field as all the others once again this year. We were blessed again with good weather and the crowds flocked in.

It is inevitable that I will picture some engines from previous years but I will try not to repeat them during this year, having said that, a lot of people were displaying the results of the winters toil so there were a few I had not seen before.

1934 Petter M 1.5hp tank cooled 1931 rugby top Petter M 1.5hp Lister D generator set 1930s International M and Lister H2 pump
My 1934 Petter M 1.5hp driving a Lister H1 pump. And Rob Vince's 1931 1.5 M rugby top driving a Climax pump, Rob is from Ipswich. A nice Lister D 110V generator owned by John Southall of Willisham. A nice, original condition 1930s International M 3hp driving a Lister H2 pump displayed by Colin Cracknell from Great Henny in Suffolk.
1922 Bamford 1.5hp Galloway Ruston Hornsby IP Ruston PB
1922 Open crank hopper cooled Bamford owned by F Dack from Norfolk. 1918 1.5hp Galloway owned by Mr A Bradfield from Cambridgeshire. I have photographed this before but I felt it worth another pic. A really nice and quite rare 1926 Ruston IP which has the single flywheel as it originally drove a generator. This is owned by Mike Lowe from Berkshire. Another Ruston, this time a 1.5hp Model PB driving a Ruston Centrifugal and a Godwin piston pump. This was displayed by R willet from Norfolk.
Lister cement mixer Lister cement mixer International Famous International Non Pariel
I was only thinking the other day that I had not seen an original Lister D cement mixer at a Rally, this was displayed by Jason Croker from Suffolk And yet another but no number I am afraid so I do not know who this belonged to A couple of vertical Internationals, this one is the 1910 "Famous" displed by D Culley of Norfolk And Mr Culley also displayed this 1912 International "Non Pariel"
1930 Petter Light set. 12 hp Hornsby Hornsby L type 3hp Hornsby
A superb 5hp model M Petter   Light set displayed by Chris Sant from Harrogate. A lovely original 1908 12hp Hornsby oil engine displayed by P Rant of Norfolk This is a 1912 Hornsby L Type light oil engine displayed by B Talbot from Norfolk Another  original  Hornby, this is a 1905 3.5hp displayed by K Goate from Norfolk
8hp Ingeco Tange 3 piston pump Isotta V12 Diesel Isotta V12 diesel running

A very original 1918 8hp Ingeco type AN portable, part of the Neave collection
Driving a Tange 3 piston pump This is an Isotta Fraschini model SS 46.3 litre V12 diesel tank engine owned by Steve Green from Norfolk It had no inlet or exhaust manifolds (exhaust was between the banks) and was fired up periodically for effect....and was ear splitting if you stood too close....great.
Motore Japy Lister CS Lister CS Lister 3.5hp CS
A rare Motore Japy model ES 4 petrol hit-n-miss engine. This engine only fired a few times a minute and was driving a pump to keep the big V12 (see above) cool A very nice 1938 Lister CS driving a Lister Shallow Well pump, diplayed by J Nutley from Essex Another view of my favourite Diesel Yet another CS, this was a 3.5hp model driving a Climax pump displayed by K Cooke from Norfolk
Madison Gas engine Novo Junior 5hp Petter M 8hp Petter S
A 1906 Madison gas engine owned by.......C Maddison from Suffolk A very original Novy 1hp Junior owned by Andy Sadler from Norfolk A 1919 5hp Petter M owned by Tim Read from Norwich A 1937 8hp Petter S owned by L Harvey from Norfolk
5hp Fairbanks Blackstone John and Pete No 1 Showmans Engine
A nice 1916 6hp Fairbanks Morse displayed by K Rule of Norfolk A 1909 Lamp start paraffin Blackstone owned by David Monk from Newmarket John Southall and yours truly relaxing after the previous nights frivolities "NO 1" a superb Showmans Engine, one of many round the beer tent during the evenings

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