Thurlow Steam and Country Rally 2004

Thurlow is an excellent Medium size Rally with a large numbers of "Hot Fog" Producers. I am of course referring to Steam engines and there were 25 this year. There were around 60 Stationary engines with a good selection of rare and unusual ones  however, most of them I have already featured this year but, hopefully there are a few below that I haven't As usual there was some good entertainment in the ring, especially on Sunday with a display of motorbikes, 4 wheel drives and quads getting up to all sorts of antics from going through fire and leaping over large ramps.

1915 Amanco Hired Man 2.5hp Bamford Tulip Top Vertical Fairbanks 6hp Richard Hornsby
A very nice 1915 2.25hp Amanco "Hired Man" owned by Richard Westwood from Ipswich. A 1926  2.5hp Bamford "Tulip Top", this pretty engine was displayed by L Beaumont from Newmarket. This is a very rare 1907 2hp vertical Fairbanks Model T owned by Ron Mansfield from Sudbury. A superb 1914 6hp Richard Hornsby owned by R Lee from Knebworth.
2hp Richard Hornsby Lister J Moffat Virtue Norman T300 Generator
Another lovely old Hornsby is this 1908 2hp model owned by S Lindsy from Ickleford. A tank cooled 1924 3hp Lister J displayed by S Nichols from Halstead A very rare 1937 2hp Australian Moffat Virtue owned by Allen Cullen from East Grinstead This nice display won best engine. An Early 1940s 2 - 2.75hp Norman T300 DC Generator set used during WW2 to charge Aircraft batteries. This was displayed by John Strutt of Great Baddow.
3hp Petter M Stuart Turner Generator An unknown engine
A very rare hopper cooled 1926 3hp Petter M "Handyman". This shape hopper is very rarely seen, owned by L Bridgeman from Ickleton. This is a nice example of a 1943 1hp Stuart Turner 24V generator set which will charge batteries, and power lights, even has electric start. Owned by Rob Vince from Ipswich. This is a 1920s 2 stroke engine of unknown origin which originally powered a "Regalite" generator, if anyone has any ideas as to the make of this little engine, please let me know. This is owned by Ted Gray from Kings Lynn.

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