Woolpit Steam Rally 2004

This Years Rally was once again a great success, and again we were blessed with really good weather. Again, there was a really good turn out of tractors and Stationary engines but as usual, some had attended at  Strumpshaw the week before, so I have tried to not shown any that were there. This was the first outing for the newly finished Lister/Tuke and Bell Sewage pump however it proved really difficult to get it in and out of the Discovery so I am not sure how many times I will take it out without some mods to the trolley.

Lister D Driving Tuke and Bell Sewage pump 1925 Fairbanks Morse driving a Climax pump 1915 Bentall Pioneer and Wilcox Pump Blackstone
First outing for my 1955    Lister D driving an 8 gals per minute Sewage pump. This has a lot of local history (see the link from the main page for details) This is a 1925 Fairbanks Morse Type Z 1.5hp driving a Climax pump. Owned by Rob Vince from Ipswich. A 1915 Bentall Pioneer 1.5 - 2.5hp Driving a WH Wilcox Pump owned by Peter March from Thrapston. This was a lovely vertical Blackstone owned by Clive Richardson from Cambs. I did not realise this was not as program so I will find some more details from Clive at a later date.
3hp International 1920s 3hp Eagle Fairbanks Bulldog Fairbanks Morse 2.2hp
This was Clive's Wife's Julie's 3HP International oil engine which as you can see was for sale....and guess what, it was sold at the Rally. A Circa 1920 3hp Petrol/Paraffin Eagle Owned by P Neave from Smallburgh Norwich A very nice circa 1915 2.5hp Petrol/Paraffin Fairbanks Bulldog type BD owned by Ivan Drake from Bacton Norfolk. A 1910 5hp Richard Hornsby "Stockport" owned by Stuart Lindsey from Ickleford Herts.
1941 Jogh Deere Model E 1920 5hp Jumbo Lister CS Start-O-Matic 1916 Maynard 1.75hp
A very nice 1941 John Deere Model E 1.5hp owned by Russell Grensmith from Thorney Peterborough. A lovely American Jumbo model DA 5hp circa 1920 Driving a Climax deep well Pumpjack Owned by Dick Culley from Wroxham Norfolk. An absolutely superb 1945 Lister Start-O-matic CS 6hp lighting set. These are my favourite Diesels, this was owned by Shane Marrows from Heacham Kings Lynn. This is a nice 1916 1.75hp open crank Maynard also owned by Russell Greensmith
5hp Petter M 1hp Pilter Ruston & Hornsby AP 3.5hp Titan Tractor
This is a very original 1919 5hp Petter M owned by Tim Read from Lakenham Norfolk A very rare American Pilter Model K 1hp. This had undergone extensive restoration by Paul Mace from Wretingham Norfolk. One of my favourite engines, this is a 1930 Ruston & Hornsby AP 2.5hp driving a Lister H2 Spray pump. This is owned by Tom Fisher from Arlesford Colchester. A 1917 20hp International "Titan" tractor. This took around 25 years to restore by John Couch from Newbourn Suffolk.
Weyman Trusy Gas Engine Beet chopping diplay plus other implements Threshing display Walsh and Clarke tractor
The oldest Engine on the Rally field was this circa 1885 Weyman & Co "Trusty" 3hp Gas engine owned by D Allen from Gaywood Kings Lynn. This was a superb working display comprising mainly Bamford engines and implements and included from memory, an upright International. A great threshing display driven of course by Steam. A 1921 Walsh and Clarke ploughing Engine. This has a horizontally opposed 2 cylinder paraffin engine which is really noisy. They made these engines to look like steam traction engines to entice buyers.

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